“Something wasn’t right.” (part 2)

Gonna Be Alright
2 min readNov 22, 2022

We were in a long-distance relationship so I came out over the phone. After I told him, he went completely silent. I couldn’t see his facial expression nor did I know what he was thinking or feeling. I started to worry and wondered if this truth would end our relationship. After a while, he said he needed some time to think and ended the call. After a day or two, he called and asked me a lot of things in detail; it seemed like he did his research on bisexuality. In retrospect, I felt bad for my partner because he had to learn so much in those couple of days. After talking for a while, I asked him:

- So how do you feel now?

- Honestly, I see no issue with this, I just wanted to know if you still love me.

- Yes, I do.

- Alright, that’s the most important thing I needed to know. As for the rest… we’ll just let it be.

His biggest concern was that one day I might go back to liking girls. It took a while to explain everything for him to understand, but once he got it, he was alright. It has been almost 8 years since we’ve been in a long-distance relationship but we felt strong because we can be fully honest and accept our whole selves.


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Gonna Be Alright

A collection of coming out stories from the LGBTIQ+ community and their loved ones in Việt Nam. Visit our official platform at instagram.com/comingoutvn/